Reflexology Massage Treatment

Reflexology Massage   

Enjoy Reflexology with Sabi Hot Stones.  Reflexology is a compression massage applied to the feet, hands, ears, and face in order to engage and activate reflexes that correspond to all parts of the body. Stimulation of these reflex zones can help restore the body’s normal physiological functioning, reduce tension, alleviate the effects of stress, and assist in bringing greater balance to the body and mind.
 60 min $60

  Aroma Therapy Foot Massage               

A relaxing foot treatment starts with an essential oil bath soak, exfoliation, 20 minute oil massage  on feet and lower legs followed by foot mask and moisturizer. 

Relaxation            Decongestion                    Stress                                                                                     
 Lavender               Peppermint                        Lemon Grass

  20 min $30

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