Aroma Therapy Massage


What is aroma therapy?  

Aroma therapy literally translates to aroma based on therapeutic procedures, mainly consisting of essential oils which promotes the body, mind, and internal emotions of one’s wellbeing. Aroma therapy consists in the utilization of pure essential oils extracted from plants, herbs, flowers, leaves, wood, seeds, fruits, and roots. This allows for a beneficial treatment of beauty and health. 
Aroma therapy is not an aggressive treatment to maintain a healthy wellbeing and does not include any forms of synthetic medication. Aroma therapy provides a reliable, simple, and natural treatment. These essential oils function once they are absorbed by the skin and penetrate the capillary vessels and are transported through the whole body by blood flow or inhalation. These molecules enter the respiratory system causing millions of nerve reactions before entering the brain. In this process, our senses and brain become activated, which leads us to harmony. Aroma therapy has antiseptic and antibacterial benefits. They also help in creating healthy cells, alleviating stress, stimulating circulation, bettering the immune system, cleaning impurities, and balancing emotions.

Aroma Therapy Spa Facial Massage

Get away from it all with the fragrance of Essential Oils. This treatment begins with a photo gel cleansing of the face followed by a massage of the scalp, face, neck, shoulders, decollete and upper back using a variety of massage techniques to provide an immediate release of muscle tension with essential oils.
 50 min $70

Aroma Therapy Lymphatic Massage  

This anti-fatigue essential oil treatment exfoliates the skin to remove dead skin cells, then  detoxifies the body with Micro-Emulsified Massage Oil that will calm, sooth, and increase elasticity with Vitamin C and E.
60 min $75

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